• Types Of Biometric Kontrola Dostępu

    The biometric identification is one of the most important in the Kontrola dostępu and recognition of personnel belonging to a company advances regardless of their economic activity. Identification by means of fingerprints constitutes one of the most representative forms of the use of biometrics in any company. Its implementation ranges from access control to information security systems.


    Kontrola Dostępu Advantages


    Currently, for small businesses, personnel access control is handcrafted, which can be cumbersome, unreliable, inefficient and, in the long run, extremely costly. The Biometric Access Control is presented as an advanced solution to the problem of security, control, and monitoring of staff within the company operations. Among the advantages in the implementation of Kontrola dostępu we find:


    • It eliminates the identity of employees, controlling the entry of unauthorized persons to the company.
    • Organizes the hours of entry and exit of employees, impacting profitability and efficiency in production.
    • It decreases operating and personnel cost because vigilantes, receptionists, or any other process to identify an employee will no longer be required.
    • It eliminates the risks, increasing the security in the company. The means of identification is unique and personal. In this way, we can be sure that the people around us are legit.
    • Low implementation cost, allowing installations at certain stages, interacting with other types of security controls.

    Biometric Kontrola Dostępu-Uses and Implementation


    The Biometric Access Control is a very versatile option, can be integrated with any security system, boosting its benefits and qualities. Here are the most common uses of biometric access control systems in companies:


    Biometric Kontrola Dostępu- Fingerprint Reader


    This is the most basic use for Biometric Access Control. It consists of a biometric terminal with an optical sensor to validate the identity of the user. Each terminal has its own IP addresses to connect to any LAN, and even make the connection to the internet to integrate modules located in different parts of the world. They have multiple communication technologies to integrate with any existing access control. These terminals are commonly combined with card readers, adding additional support to the system with the ability to customize user information.


    Rejestracja Czasu Pracy


    The main staff assistance control module has the ability to perform each employee's authentication through a fingerprint reader, proximity card, and key, or combination of any of these three. In addition to biometric access control, Rejestracja czasu pracy this system has an integrated camera to capture a photograph at the time of registration and a video camera that integrates with an external monitor, or a DVR, to view the real-time video of the personnel who Is doing the registration.


    Monitoring Biometric Access Control


    A biometric access control device will be connected to an attendance record module. The software will manage the system based on WEB, which will allow access from anywhere in the world via the internet and monitor the entire system. The software can be adapted to take into account factors such as entry and exit times, a number of employees, allowed or restricted areas, alerts, user levels, visitor management and any other characteristics. Being software based entirely on WEB, it will not be necessary to install additional software on the PCs of the company, which represents a saving in the system.


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